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Video and Sound systems

More and more people are looking to develop their houses to include the latest video and sound systems and this is something we have a great deal of knowledge in. Be it a desire to create the complete cinema experience with drop down screens and projectors or a sound system to support the whole home we can help to design a system to suit both your needs and your budget.

With Multiroom Systems you can enjoy your choice of Music, Films and TV anywhere in the home. With complete control over the system from a discrete panel on the wall, a properly installed system will change the way you think of home entertainment and allow you to be in control and decide what and where you want to watch or listen. We can even integrate your system in with your lighting.

Additionally we can include your garden, with a number of ways to get music to your BBQ area, next to your swimming pool or just add another pair of speakers to your hi-fi to get music to your back garden. We can hide water-proof speakers in the eves of a roof, use speakers shaped like rocks, and provide waterproof control panels to control your hi-fi from the garden.

We can discuss the different options with you: how many rooms you want included, what level of sophistication and music quality you are looking for and any vision products (plasma, LCD, etc.) you might also need. Once your happy we can support you throughout the install and on hand for aftersales support, our goal is your satisfaction.


This is an increasingly important area for families today and working with our partners, we are able to offer a very sophisticated wireless security system for your home. This system uses the latest technology but is also ideal for retro fitting to a property as it requires limited construction work.
The system is highly programmable and can offer everything from a simple alarm ringing through to lighting control, CCTV and contacting a security firm.

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